How to place waterslide decals.

Setting instructions for waterslide decals.
First thing is get yourself some Micro sol and micro set. These are relatively inexpensive about 2.00 each
Also collect up the following tools, a good knife or better yet a pair of squizzers ( I have only been able to find these at Micro mark { } although they are expensive I have never found anything that gets a closer cut), a decal setting spatula (any small tool or hobby shop will have them { like these } ) and an old paint brush.
Get a small dish of warm water. Cut your decal as close as you can to the design. Place your decal in the dish of warm water for about 40 seconds the decal loosens off the paper. Bush micro set onto where the decal will be applied. This will help the decal adhere and will help soften it into groves. Place the decal with the paper still on it right near were you want to place it on your model or miniature, slide it with the model spatula into position gently. Use a paper towel (just dab it) to absorb any left over water or micro set. Gently brush on micro sol which will help the decal permanently set.
Do not touch the decal if micro sol or set cause it to bubble it is part of the process, it will ruin the decal if you touch it at this time.

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