Battlestar Galactica Decals


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6.00 USD  

Colonial Fleet Insignia (new series)

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120 Colonial Phoenix  Fleet Insignia available in 6 different colour variations (20 of each colour) to represent 6 different fleets of the Colonial Navy.

6.00 USD

Colonial Ship Names (New Series)

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This package includes 2 decals of each name in White  ink (yes white ink) with Battlestar numbers in very fine print for great detail for more than 40 ship names are included:  Atlantia, Pacifica, Rycon, Bellerophon, Cerberus, Athena, Olympia, Valiant, Argo, Poseidon, Prometheus, Solaria, Hades, Columbia, Erasmus, Tartarus, Chimaera, Zeus, Acropolis, Phalanx, Avenger, Charun, Oceanus, Triton, Valkyrie, Ajax, Hyperion, Orion, Charybdis,Heracles, Odin, Mercury, Cronus, Titan, Pegasus, Scylla, Atlas, Galactica, Apollo, Ares, Phoebe, Demeter and Hermes.

9.00 USD (the price is higher due to white ink)  

Cylon Fighter Insignia Decals

Making detailing super easy.


$2.00 USD  each sheet





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