2400 Federation Carriers

CVO (old school CVA) and escorts Set

Set includes NCC-2200 USS Napoleon (CVA/ CVO), NCC-2201 USS MacArthur (CVA/CVO), NCC-2202 USS Zhukov, NCC-956 USS Ney (ECL), NCC-965 USS Patton (ECL), NCC-961 USS Konev (ECL), NCC- 570 USS Bernadotte (DE), NCC- 571 USS Murat (DE), NCC-572 USS Kenney (DE), NCC-573 USS Kincaid (DE), NCC-574 USS Rokosoky (DE) and NCC-575 USS Timoshenko (DE)

This set includes 2 Carrier pods for a limited time

9.00 USD

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